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   Voter Militia Charitable Fund Incorporated

   Gadsen Flag Pins


   We Train, You Obtain!

   Residual Income® Board Game

   Residual Income Game with Investment Protection Pouch

   A simulator cleverly disguised as a game, this learning system lets you experience    building a direct selling business from the ground up. As you make choices, your    results appear as you see 5 years of decisions in 90 minutes.


   Utah Celebrates Israel: Fortresses of Courage

   Don't Tread On Us! Poster


Featured Publications


Victor Shanti

Las Zanahorias


Victor Shanti

Afro-Disiacs: Recipes For Love


Victor Shanti

BOLDAR: The Christmas Pit Bull


Victor Shanti

We Needed Those Stinking Badges


   Victor Shanti

   10/2 - 9/11: We Must Never Forget


Victor Shanti, M.D.

S.P.UT.U.M. not S.P.I.T.: Suicide Prevention Utah's Unique Model