There are major events that cause, either blood to shoot from one's eyes, or lead one to spit verse, for
themselves to cope and to instruct those who come after. The wish is always that entertainment combined with
education will lead to history not repeating.
- Victor Om Shanti




Must Never


The sixteen poems in this edition were described by a reader from Arizona, thus:

"This is beautiful ... You elicit sensitivity to the dichotomy of our hood rat/rising up, don't
rock the hood lest you hurt someone you've left behind/be all we can be existence.

Thank you for saying what so many of us think, but sublimate to some misguided allegiance to
poverty and ignorance. America is a dream and it belongs to us too! The more of us who stand up
and push each other to deal with truth rather than allegiances, the better off we will be."

The compulsion which compels my verse is a desire for you to obtain the same feelings of satisfaction as the Arizona reader. Please let me know how close to the mark, for you, I have come.

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Listen to audio samples:

1. New Millenium Pledge   9.  Raising The Flag on Mt. Morality
2. Mine Eyes Have Seen The Gory of the Blessings of Your Lord   10. Patriots Act on 9/11
3. Would Ann Frank Love Thee Muhammad Al-Mura Al-Fasee   11. Circumstances
4. For White People Only   12. Two Laughing Women
5. Chant No War   13. For Danny: Collateral Damage In the War On Drugs
6. A Prayer Prior To Shock and Awe   14. MaxSecure
7. It's Not An Amen, Brother   15. To The Museum of Freedom
8. Revolution To You Is Romance   16. Nobody Blew Up America

The .mp3 audio version, as spoken word, by the author, Victor Om Shanti, is now available for pre-order, narrated by the author, Victor Om Shanti.