We Needed Them Stinking Badges: 107 Items to remember to prevent another holocaust and save your life and your loved ones.

Did you ever have the intense desire to just pimp slap the daylights out of a friend, relative, or even, yourself, to wake up and see what's really happening in the world? That impulse is happening more frequently. The more that the patriotic try to keep themseves informed about current events and the more that they study the history of the pre-World War II period of Germany, the more they have trouble keeping the palms of their hands in their pockets.

There are many similarities among data points unfolding in current events with those that were written about in not so long ago newspapers. In this literary effort there are at least one hundred seven similarities that make many anxious for the future of the United States. If you are one of those, this work will give substantive reasons for your anxiety. If you are not one of those anxious, this work will give you substantive reasons why ignorance is not the road to bliss.

Retrospectively, it is clear that World War II, the Great Patriotic War, began on April 3, 1939, not in September of that year. It began when Hitler gave the order that the obvious shooting would begin on the first of September.

There exists a template for takeover of a society. Commit all manner of atrocities in the garb of your enemy. Blame your enemy. Then, overtly commit more atrocities labeled as justified defensive actions.

In the recent history of the United States there have been several major breakthroughs in the technology of control of human behavior at a distance, highly suspicious incidents of violence, and reflexive imposition of laws in response to that violence. Those series of coincidences are argued by observant concerned to fulfill the requirements of the template.

This work will equip you with sufficient fact, from the the past, in order to assist you to thwart a repetition, in the future, of atrocities which ignorance and apathy, formerly have made too frequent.

In order to accomplish that goal, this work will give you basis for achieving decisions on the right side of political arguments. Through presentation of more than one hundred points of documented, multiply referenced, similarities from the past, signposts of future events obscured in a fog of propaganda will come into clear focus for you.

Frequently, in politically oriented social media discussions the same questions arise. Despite the questions being posed, little or no courage of discussion concerning answers occurs. This work addresses forming answers to the questions begged of:

Did the elections of Progressive/Fascists under Republican or Democrat label, since the end of the office of Ronald Reagan lead away from, or towards, the unapologetic Progressive policy implementations of the regime of Barak Obama? If so, have those election results emboldened Progressives to articulate and implement their agenda more forcefully?

Have Progressive policy successes allowed a nudging open of an Overton Window to more totalitarian dictatorship, by RINO and DINO elected officials? Have the results of past policies made the current crop of voters any less blind to Hobson’s choice elections?

It ought to be more the discipline that the arrogance of a dictator ought to be a cause for pause to reflect upon what authority he would assume for himself, if he had an electorial mandate, real or imagined, most pointedly after a re-election.

It will be of benefit to explore what red flags despots and potential dictators fly, prior to when authority is delivered into their hands, that gives some warning that tyranny will follow. To participate in a conversation, armed with facts against Liberals' emotions posing as argumentative rebuttal, obtain the first and subsequent chapters of We Needed Those Stinking Badges.

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Chapter 1 - Before A Volkswagen, Hitler Driven By Ford

Chapter 2 - We Needed Them Stinking Badges

Chapter 3 - Slap a tattoo on an arm; Beat a tattoo on a drum of death

Chapter 4 – Without Disobedience, Thou Shalt Not Enter Into Glory

Chapter 5 - The Genetics Of The Master Race

Chapter 6 - Interview with a Concentration Camp Survivor

Chapter 7 - If There's A Worse Day of the Year, You Tell Me!

Chapter 8 - Tyranny Flies On The Speedy Wings Of Fallen Angels

Chapter 9 - It Can't Happen Here? It's already happening!

Chapter 10 - Before I'll Be A Slave, I'll Be Buried In My Grave! . . . Better To Die Free On My Feet, Than A Slave On My Knees . . . That Can All Be Arranged.

Chapter 11 - Can you sever the head of an ouroboros?

Chapter 12 - Who Survived? Could A Zoo Visit Save Your Life During Another Holocaust?

Chapter 13 - Why We Celebrate Israel

Chapter 14 - If you can't pick up arms, at least, send an ambulance!

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